AFS recognizes the importance of protecting your personal information.

As a mortgage broker regulated and licensed by local, state, and federal agencies, we are required to ensure that your information is kept strictly confidential.

We will use the information to help you obtain a loan and to improve our service to you. We do not sell your personal information. Information is used as part of our regular business practice and as part of standard requirements. We protect your personal information by placing it on the secure portion of our Web site. We will continually strive to find ways to improve the privacy of your information. For comments or suggestions, please e-mail to us. Share of information

Personal information is shared only with third party agents who are a standard part of the loan process. These include credit agencies, lenders, title companies, escrow companies, appraisal representatives, and mortgage insurance companies. We only share information that is required as an integral part of the loan process. We may disclose or access information when there is reason to believe that legal authorities or lawful agencies require it. We may share or disclose information under special circumstances in order to locate or bring legal action against any entity or individual who may be potentially harmful or causing injury or harm to others through their activities.

Updating and changing information

You may inform us of any updates or changes to your personal information.

Privacy policy changes

Privacy Policy Changes At AFS, we continually add new features and changes to our services. As part of an ongoing effort to ensure consistent policies, we regularly update our privacy policy to reflect changes or additions to our site and features. We also welcome comments and questions about our privacy policy and can be contacted us.
For any question regarding policy please please contact us.

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